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Videos Behind The Scenes

Every parent wants to have high-quality, professional photos of their newborn and wonders why newborn photography is expensive.

Posed newborn photography requires training and knowledge on how to pose an infant safely. 

Hiring a professional photographer is an investment. You’re paying for so much more than “a few photos.” You’re paying for education, experience, talent, creativity and expertise. 

 A newborn photographer will create adorable images while keeping your baby’s safety as their number one priority.

When you invest in a professional newborn photographer, you get so much for your money, including:

A studio space, equipment, accessories and props

Lighting expertise

Years of experience and knowledge

Safe, adorable poses

Professional, high-quality editing of your images


A professional newborn photographer has likely gone through years of training, purchased expensive professional equipment and become certified in how to safely pose newborns. They have invested time and money in their business in order to provide you with a high-quality service and products. 


A professional photographer is a storyteller. They capture the story of your family’s growth and love in a way you can visually see, freezing a moment in time and creating memories that your whole family will cherish.


While newborn photography session fees and collections may seem expensive, they are an investment that will increase in value as the years go by. As your child grows into a toddler and a teenager and even an adult, you will have their newborn images—and hopefully other photos as well—to look back on to remind you where this unique and special journey began. That’s something you simply cannot put a price on.

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