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When is the best time to book a photo session?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. But of course, we also want to show off your curves! I recommend to schedule your maternity photo session in your seventh or eighth month of pregnancy. Your belly will have a nice round shape during this time frame


Where are the shoots done?

I work out of  my home studio, however I can provide an in-home session. 


What should I wear?

Long maternity dresses and flowing fabrics look amazing. I have some fabric wraps that you can use as well.


What should my husband wear?

Your husband should wear colors that compliment you and the surroundings.


What else should I bring for a photo shoot?

Any props that have meaning to you!


What about make up?

Its good you have it, it should look natural.


Anything else I should know?

Don’t wear  anything tight to avoid marks on your skin.

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